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Joe Knows Tickets buys tickets! Call our office at 646-307-4225 and tell us your ticket specifics (event name, date, seat location, and how much you want for your tickets) and our helpful staff will let you know if we can buy your tickets. If we cannot buy them, we can always sell them for you on our Consignment Program!

Joe Knows Tickets sells tickets on consignment! Consignment Program is a hassle-free option to sell your tickets. Our sales team promises maximum exposure by listing your tickets on all major secondary marketplaces and exchanges across the country, dramatically increasing the chances of your tickets being sold.

How the Consignment Program works:

  1. Tell us about your ticket; fill out the form to the right.
  2. Tell us the minimum price per ticket that you would want to receive back.
  3. Give us your contact information so that we can get your tickets listed ASAP.

Terms & Conditions of the Consignment Program:

  1. There is a 10% consignment fee taken off the net sale of each ticket.
  2. Tickets must be sent to our office via email or by fedex in order to be posted for sale.
  3. All payouts are made 24 hours after the event takes place.


Feel free to email with any and all questions you have about selling!

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